by Barry Spacks

Let’s admire the homesettlers,
how they floss twice daily,
live happily ever after.

And speaking of those to admire
there’s only one dazzled guy in my class
with 13 high-hearted maidens.

Is it okay to love the ardent young?
rapt girl with missing fur cuff on one sleeve,

Roshi’s answer:

“love, and do no harm.”
“In fact, do good.”

How foolish it seems, much of life,
scatter-brained or brainless…
how precious, acts of sweetness.


* * *


Barry Spacks is the First Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara, California. The author of nine poetry collections (most extensive: SPACKS STREET: NEW & SELECTED POEMS,) with poems in 18 anthologies, he is the winner of The Commonwealth Club of California’s Poetry Medal, the Cherry Grove Collections Prize and St. Botolph’s Arts Award. A man of many hats, he is also a singer-songwriter, actor and Literature professor, plus the Senior Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhism) student of H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. For more details, and to follow his blog, Poetry Matters, go to



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One response to “Admirations

  1. Kate Woodville

    I love the stream-of-consciousness aspect to this, and where the poem takes us in the end. Lovely!

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