The Tree is Beautiful and I am Privileged

by C.R. McCormmach

The sun shines briefly through clouds

after many days of rain steady

a tree glows orange and yellow

the only one remaining with leaves.

I am transfixed by it,

held in a strange grief as

my mind empties into breath

my body into turbulence.

I notice the sodden oak leaves

and water running in the gutter.

I notice the dogs are ready to move on.

Still, I am held in the vision

and the sadness blossoms.

I am neither the one noticing,

nor the one gripped

I am infinite, outside time,

engulfed by a perception,

not grasping for meaning even.

And yet moments arise and pass

it is chill and my feet are becoming wet,

the dogs tug, the sound of a car passing.

Somewhere I am struggling

and somewhere I do not care in the least

that the tree is beautiful and I am privileged.

Existence matters, being, that is.

I am not sure if knowing this matters.

My chest cracks open

and a strange light springs to the tree

to shimmer at the tips of the branches.



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One response to “The Tree is Beautiful and I am Privileged

  1. Kat Woodville

    I have read this poem many times now, and every time it makes me feel happy that Iam alive, because it points to the beauty that is all around us if we can slow ourselves down enough to let ourselves experience it. A poem of great awareness and beauty.

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