A Spell To Break Spells

By: Tai Woodville

Natural as leaves fall from a tree,

so the unreal falls away from me.

I create        my own atmosphere,


a warm glow,                 here

in my chest, a sun within—

a sun which had grown dim

with passing clouds,

that    like a fire    now            I feed.

My kindling,        


My touchstone,


I close my eyes,

the better to see.

In the eye of the storm

stands the true me,         

stripped of wartorn


Natural as leaves fall from a tree,

so the unreal falls away from me.

My atmosphere is many colored,

radiating outward,

reaching skyward,


expanding,            protective,

atoms dancing, interconnected,

sound as form                perfected

even when appearances   deceive.

A living tapestry    we weave

together. Unconsciously, consciously,         

and everything in between.

Some days we sleepwalk,

all days, we dream.

Sometimes we wake in the        moment


to be alive,                          


the dust       from our eyes,

a veil of tears                 that calcified

into a lie,     a twisted doubt

that tried               to tell us we were small

& insignificant.

That told us

if we were full of ourselves

it was a bad thing. 

Let us be full of ourselves

so that our cells sing, full of the universal music

that is everything.

Natural as leaves fall from a tree

so the unreal falls from me.

This is a spell to break spells,

a spell to break the hell

of mental trappings,

cul-de-sacs & psychic loops

of self-abuse,

a spell to break the trance

that distorts truth.

To break the chain of suffering

and pain.

We’ll take the gifts

and shift.

Shame kills.

Let us re-see          the beauty

of our majesty,

not as parts           of a dissected whole,

but as part    of the sacred                  universal soul,

each being,  a string,              vibrating    

in concert             with everything.

Whether dissonant or resonant,

we       are        residents

of the infinite orchestra,

the silent music that streams

through this waking dream,

audible only to the inner ear,

but palpable as atmosphere, 

silent to those who will not hear,

but you can feel it  within,

if you                  


a chord that carries

like a wave, so you can rest

on its crest,

close as lips to breath.    

I tune my instrument

to the key    of cosmic harmony,

freeing                 me

from the sensory deprivation

of the ego’s isolation,

of doubt’s degradation,

I trust fall    into the sensation

of spaciousness within,

starry and calm

as the night sky,


with Aurora lights.  

This is our right,

this inner space,

this grace

which none can take.

I reclaim my inner kingdom,

squatters, thieves and vagabonds,


The heart, a throne—

once overgrown

with twisted vines,

graffitied and dust covered,



as mine.

This is a spell to break the spell

of unworthiness

and fear,

free from which     I feel the hum

of my own atmosphere,

tuned to the music of the spheres.

Natural as leaves fall from a tree   

so the unreal falls away from me.  

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