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Gull’s Eye View

by Kate Woodville


For a long time

I saw myself washed up

on the beach,

tangled in driftwood,

bare branches

and Coca-Cola bottles,

rusty cans, face down,

spread-eagled in the hot sand,

lulled by the soft slap of the water,

ripped through the belly

by the swooping shrieking gulls.


“Kafka-esque,” he said,

taking my hand,

leading me up the California

carpeted stairs

into the dusty bare sea view room.


Papers, everywhere.

“My filing system,”

he said, pulling me smoothly,

no resistance, into the narrow hall.

Past a bathroom door,

half open, dirty floor,

past a room with mirrors,

barbells, weights, exercise machines,

into the bedroom, unmade bed,

patched with patterns of dark blood.


I thought, fascinated.

“Cut my foot on the beach,” he said.

I did not believe him.



I wanted to join the old drunk men

who lie asleep, clutching their bundles

in the sun.


* * *


Kate Woodville was a film and television actress for many years, obtaining cult status for her role as Queen Natira on Star Trek’s classic “For The World Is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky.” A member of the Actor’s Studio, she studied under Lee Strasberg. These days she spends her time writing, painting, riding and playing with her dogs. She lives in the outskirts of Portland, OR, making mischief on all fronts.




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